IT Recruiter

Kandis Vaughn-Thomas, Recruiter

Kandis Vaughn-Thomas
IT Recruiter

Kandis Vaughn-Thomas is an experienced Career Coach with 11 years of head-hunting, recruiting, and business development experience. She recruits IT professionals on a national level.

Kandis' passion for the recruiting industry started, in her early 20s, when she was granted the opportunity to work for national recruiting firm in Houston, TX. That experience inspired her to start her own company to exercise her skills as a Certified Career Coach. She has worked nationally facilitating career development and team building workshops, confidential head-hunting, and all levels of placement. Before Magee Resource Group, Kandis worked with multiple post-secondary schools to increase retention, taught career development, and placed graduates in their specific industry.

Kandis is also a radio personality and recruits often for a professional NBA athlete's organization.

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