Since 1995, MRG has specialized in IT Professional Search and Recruitment, helping to build world-class technology teams for some of the largest companies throughout the United States. This includes IT Executive placement.

SAP Recruitment

Implementing and configuring SAP requires experienced professionals with knowledge of functional business processes, as well as those with highly technical skills. Our SAP recruiters locate, qualify and present both functional and technical SAP professionals, as well as those experienced in leading major projects and full-life cycle implementations.

We not only qualify these professionals based on their skillset, experience and education background, we dig deeper to learn about their motivations, personality, business acumen, communication skills, as well as their reasons for and ability to make a career move.

When our clients hire through MRG, they do so with the confidence that the hire is more than capable to fill their business need, they are ready and able to get the job done.

IT Recruitment

The world of Information Technology Search and Recruitment is vast, and there are thousands of professionals who claim to be experts in one area or the other. Any company that has posted an IT position online in the last ten years can tell tales of a flood of resumes from applicants who either don’t fit the requirements, or are from a third party firm trying to sneak in a one-size-fits-all consultant.

At Magee Resource Group, we have in-house IT recruitment professionals who interview, vet and reference our candidates to ensure they not only have the technical qualifications and experience necessary for the job at hand, but they are the right cultural fit for our client’s needs.

Seeking a software developer, software tester, build engineer or DevOps professional? Seeking a systems architect, systems engineer, systems administrator or enterprise network professional? Seeking a database administrator, database developer or storage area network expert? Contact one of our information technology recruiters today. We’ll take the headache out of IT recruiting and put experienced IT professionals behind your company's keyboards.

IT Executive Recruitment

Every day we interact with IT executives, and maintain a contact network of thousands of CIOs, CTOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, Managers and Project Managers. Matching these highly experienced leaders with companies in need of their knowledge and experience can be a challenge, as there are many factors to consider before turning over the reins of a business unit that affects every aspect of a company’s business operations. At MRG we conduct interviews, check references, obtain degree confirmations, and perform personality assessments in order to present only the best fit for our clients.

Learn more by visiting our IT Executive Recruitment page.

Cybersecurity Recruitment

The international demand for Cybersecurity is increasing while the current low supply of skilled Cybersecurity professionals strains to meet those demands. Now, more than ever, it’s absolutely vital that companies maintain a high quality defense against hackers and cyber-attacks. Many organizations are seeking cyber professionals with a specialized skillset and senior background making it difficult for their internal HR team to fill those positions.

At Magee Resource, we have experience implementing highly focused search campaigns where we dig deep into multiple resources to find and connect with the best Cybersecurity professionals in the industry. We have led recruiting campaigns for large, international companies and key contractors working on United States government Cybersecurity and related projects. We offer that same expertise and network of professionals to all of our clients, regardless of project size.