Value Proposition to Our Clients

We offer our clients over twenty years of search and recruitment experience, and an extensive, well-developed network of technology professionals. We are supported by the largest recruiting network in the world, the MRInetwork.

Since 1995, MRG's IT recruiting team has specialized in recruiting IT professionals for clients throughout the United States and Canada. We not only know how to locate top talent, we know how to “speak the language” necessary to insure they can do what their resume says they can do.

We have been a staffing partner for many Fortune 500 companies, in some cases staffing entire IT departments, including senior leadership.

We have built and maintain an extensive network of IT and SAP professionals (functional and technical), including a database of thousands of screened and qualified leaders, analysts, developers and administrators.

We realize we are not just qualifying information technology professionals based on their skillset and education background. We dig deeper to learn about their motivations, personality, maturity and experience level. Matching the right candidate for a client often takes passing over far more candidates than are ever submitted for consideration.

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