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Magee Resource Group is your source for the most advanced, specialized and experienced cybersecurity professionals. Without the very best talent, your critical infrastructure, networks and cloud-based systems are at risk, as are those you serve. MRG delivers on thousands of permanent placements and contract staffing projects, enjoying a reputation as an industry-preferred staffing partner and proudly and consistently achieving top-ranked status among staffing firms. Our time-to-find is one of the best in the industry, one that you can be confident will provide those cybersecurity professionals who will keep every aspect of your company’s data secure.

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  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • InfoSec Engineer
  • InfoSec Analyst
  • Privileged Access Management Engineer
  • Endpoint Security Deployment Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Proxy Engineer

Experts in Cybersecurity
Contract Staffing

As the data-driven economy grows exponentially, the need for specialized and senior background cybersecurity professionals only grows with it. A cyber attack or data breach can irrevocably damage a company’s reputation by eroding customer trust and bringing overall competence into question. Your organization needs a defensive strategy as adaptive and formidable as those forces attempting to exploit it. Let us help you build a team to safeguard today’s most vital and vulnerable economic resource.

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