16 Dec 2021 Job Postings that Stand out from the Noise?

Job posts that actually attract future employees? It’s not only possible, but essential!

Instead of creating a list of “Must Haves” and “Responsibilities” that dominate most job posts, consider answering the following questions as you attempt to generate interest in the market:

  • What is happening in the world that drives the market that your organization serves that would entice applicants to bet their career on that market over the next 5 years?
  • Why is your product or service positioned to take advantage of the market described above?
  • Who will the person who gets the job work with? Because who they work with will influence who they will become and the network they will be able to leverage throughout their career.
  • What is the projected career path and who will the person become after joining your company?

Developing a rolling 12-month hiring strategy that identifies not only positions, but the actual people that you would like to hire, as well as the specific companies you want to hire from.

The same way your sales team has specificity when targeting people or accounts to sell your product, so should be done for talent searches.

In this “unique” hiring market, it is more important than ever that your company stand out from the noise.


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