10 Sep 2020 Remote Work: How to Get it Right

Remote Work

A growing number of professionals are looking for opportunities to work from home, so more IT jobs are transitioning from traditional in-office settings to remote work options. It’s also a trend that we expect to stick around well after COVID-19. Just remember that hiring remote workers takes the right approach to be successful. Here are some tips on how you can build a remote workforce, along with some other key considerations.

Remote Work is on the Rise

A combination of powerful mobile devices, fast internet connections and the expansion of cloud based storage has expanded remote work habits by almost 400% over the past decade. And if we learned anything from COVID-19, it’s that keeping everybody safe and healthy in group settings can be very difficult. Some offices and network security jobs haven’t found ways to facilitate social distancing guidelines, leaving business owners to consider other options like remote work. Also, you don’t want your hands tied when it comes to finding people with the right experience for cybersecurity jobs that don’t live in close proximity to your office. Advertising remote work opens you up to a much larger pool of candidates.

Why It’s an Important Perk

Even before the pandemic, business owners were realizing the productive results of offering remote work opportunities. But the benefits of working from home extend beyond this. We’re living in what’s being referred to as the era of convenience, and organizations that provide their customers with service around the clock are rising to the top of their industries. Also, more employees prefer remote positions because there are fewer distractions, less office politics, no commute, more flexibility, and a greater work-life balance.

Tips for Hiring Remote Workers

Remote work policies need to be clear in order to recruit the top candidates. Confirm that employees have sufficient technology, clear instructions, and a very high level of discipline to succeed at working from home. Remote work should always be promoted as part of your employer brand too. It can be discussed on social media, blog posts, etc., or hiring managers can cover it during the interview process. Personalize outreach efforts by addressing the specific questions and needs of remote workers. Some candidates are better suited for independent work because they are more proactive and communicative than others.

Remote work is on the rise because it benefits both employers and employees. It is an effective way to attract candidates that meet your specific needs. Since it is trending, now is an ideal time to review and update remote work policies and partner with SAP recruiters to hire more of these workers.



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