30 Oct 2020 Video Interview Tips to Help You Stand Out

Video Interview

In the healthcare field, video interviews have become more common in recent years. The current pandemic has given fuel to this trend, as companies throughout the United States have had to host all of their interviews through conferencing tools like Zoom or WebEex. For candidates who aren’t used to video interviews, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd.


Set Up an Interview Station

While interviewers might expect occasional disruptions if they’re interviewing over video chat, it’s a great idea to limit the chance of distraction to the best of your ability. Find a location in your house that is quiet and private. You also want to make sure the room is clean and that it looks professional. Your interview location needs to have good lighting, as well. You don’t want it to look like you are sitting in a dungeon. When on a video call, you should always face the light source, so you don’t create shadows. It is a good idea to use headphone and a mic because this will facilitate clearer communication.


Come Prepared

Just like any other interview, preparation is the key to making a great first impression. Before the video interview, make sure all of your technology is cooperating. You want to make sure you have a strong internet connection. You also want to test your audio and video functions. You should also print out your resume, practice answering questions, and practice in the mirror to see if you have appropriate facial expressions. You want to dress in the kind of clothes you would wear to any other interview. If you dress professionally, you will feel and act more professional. The interviewer will able to sense that.


Think about Positioning

At a regular interview, seating is usually predetermined. This isn’t the case when on video. You have to think about the angle of your camera in relation to where you are positioned. If you sit too close to the camera, you might disappear from view if you adjust your posture. If you sit too far away, the interviewer will have to strain to see you.  You should sit far enough from the camera that your entire face, as well as your shoulders, appears on camera.


Be sure to look into the camera so the person on the other end sees you looking at them instead of looking down at their image.


While the basics of interviewing still apply when attending interviews online, some of the logistics are different. To make a winning impression during video interviews in healthcare, pay close attention to you appearance, your environment, and your camera angle.




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